camille schefter

ANTINOME - OCHI PROJECTS, Los Angeles - 2018


Braided Thorn Tree - Salton Sea, California - 2018


A tattoo is forever / everything dies

Nothing is forever / I'm not afraid to die

Neither was my dad


Learn the figure eight knot 

For the end of your rope


It makes an infinity, like a bike does

But you'll never see your own unlees you

double back

It's no miracle


the variable grows arbitrarily large

(towards infinity)

rather than actually taking an infinite value


You are nowhere / You are everywhere

The fire part of fire

Swing low

Stump; Platinum silicone, monkey fist

Saint Sebastian didn't die
by arrows, he was clubbed to death.

Bernini, Botticelli, even Louise Bourgeois,

Everybody filling him with arrows.


He looks so sexy up there,

all clean faced, eyes rolling back in his head.

But also yea, shot full of arrows.


Archers all the way from Mauritania,

and a woman named Irene of Rome

sees he's still there. She's a widow

of a lesser martyr.


                                      "He was buried alive

in a sandpit, there was no saving him,"

says Irene.


What does she do to his poor body?

How does she save Sebastian?

How long do they stay in her house,

just the two of them, before they argue?


"I hate when you do things like that,

you're such a martyr!"


                                                        So he leaves.


Out in the street singing Huddie Ledbetter's

classic, "Sometimes I live in the country,


sometimes I live in town, sometimes I have

a great notion to jump in the river and drown..."


And instead of staying on brand -

death by arrows -

he gets fucking clubbed to death

when he could have just stayed home



for-bearance - various flowers*, shopping basket, statue of liberty suspenders, hanger, condoms, string - 2018

*in 2018 for-bearance was selected to travel the country with American Fine Arts, an allegory for americas. The show made 15 stops altogether beginning and ending in Los Angeles. New flowers and plants were chosen at each location to represent the different cities, sometimes containing wild, found, and stolen flora; other times reflecting the availablilty of flowers for purchase in that city.